GlowBowl Review: Turn your Toilet into Nightlight

Do you stumble around in your dark bathroom? Are you searching for toilet lights online? Now no more missing your daily targets as we have something great for you that will solve all your night time bathroom problems. A night light for your toilet bowl named GlowBowl. In this article we will review GlowBowl that will help you in getting familiar about this product.

About GlowBowl

GlowBowl is the light sensitive and motion activated light that will lighten up your dark bathroom and toilet at night, you do not require any bright bathroom lights if you have GlowBowl with you. With single touch, you will get seven color options in a device including blue, purple, yellow, red, white, aqua, and Green.Whenever the night light gets activated, it offers a soothing warm atmospheric glow in your toilet that the bright lights are unable to do. The most important feature of GlowBowl is that it will automatically gets activated whenever someone enters into the bathroom and gets shut off when the person leaves from the bathroom.

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GlowBowl Design

GlowBowl is made up of ABS plastic that has ultra-water resistant trait. The GlowBowl design is very flexible, the user can bend the device in any direction to snug fit on differently shaped bowls. The dimensions of GlowBowl is 3*1.5*2.5 inches.

GlowBowl Features

  • 5 stage Dimmer: GlowBowl is powered with 5-stage dimmer feature that allows you to change the brightness level as per your preferences.

  • Automatically activate option: Whenever someone enters into the bathroom, the GlowBowl will automatically turns ON. When you leave from the bathroom, it turns OFF.

  • Light Sensitive: It will automatically deactivate whenever GlowBowl detects light. The device only works in the darkness.

  • Flexible: The user can fit the device in any shape and size of the toilet.

  • LED color options:There are 7 color options available including Blue, Yellow, Aqua, white, purple, red, and green. The user can select any of the color option with just single button press.

  • Carousel Mode: If the GlowBowl is in Carousel mode than it will rotate colors automatically after every 4 seconds.

  • 3*AAA batteries: The device is powered with 3*AAA batteries.

Installation Process of GlowBowl

To install the GlowBowl, you need to have a screwdriver. You have to place the screw through the hinge post’s slot and mounting holes of toilet bowl. The user can tightened the seat further after the seat has been placed at the desired position. The hinge cover of the product is closed and locked to ensure proper and smooth functioning.

GlowBowl Vs. IllumiBowl

Both GlowBowl and illumibowl night light works same with only few differences are there that you can check in below listed table. The battery of the GlowBowl will last in 2 months similarly like Illumibowl but the plastic used in GlowBowl will last in few months whereas the plastic of illumibowl is more cheaper than GlowBowl and it will last in few weeks. You can change the brightness level of the light as the GlowBowl is powered with Dimmer feature whereas you cannot change the brightness level of the light as there is no such feature powered in IllumiBowl. In both the products, the user cannot set the time. The light will continue till 30 seconds when no motion is detected in Glowbowl whereas in IllumiBowl, the light will stays on till 2 minutes.

Properties GlowBowl IllumiBowl
Installation The GlowBowl has a flexible design that has flexible arm which the user can bend in any direction for snug fit depending on the shape of the bowl IllumiBowl is placed under the toilet seat whereas its suction placed at the outside of toilet bowl rim. A hook is also attached with it so that it can reach over the edge.
Power Requires 3AAA batteries to run Rechargeable AAA batteries for long lasting run
Work Process With the help of batteries, the lights are driven and can be controlled with its dimmer feature. You can use this feature to select the brightness level of the light as per your preference. Powered with motion sensor that detects the arrival and departure of the user. According to the movement the sensor light will turn On and Off
Material Used Ultra Water-resistant plastic Recyclable plastic
Duration of Light Lighten up till 30 seconds, when no motion is found Light stays on for 2 minutes
Dimensions 3 x 1.5 x 2.5 inches 2.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 inches
Can to dim the light Yes as it has a dimmer feature No

GlowlBowl Price

Coming to the price section,  If you buy a bundle of 3 then you get 2 free plus free US shipping. If you want to know the offers and discounts of GlowBowl then visit official website.

Final Review

Using the bathroom at night is really a very serious business. So we will thank GlowBowl to turn the late night trips to the bathroom more of a party and less of a pain in the butt. The Glowbowl can be set to any color options as there are 7 color options available. The GlowBowl will only turn on in the dark room, then shut off itself when the room is empty. Its unique and different features including dimmer feature, motion detection, water resistant makes the product win over its competitive products. Lastly, the Glowbowl is a wonderful product which is not a necessity but everyone will enjoy its colorful brightness.

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